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Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Digital Photographs

Just released!

June 25, 2013

We have updated four (4) NEW high resolution rendering photos of the landside revitalization below. We have identified these new high resolution rendering photos by (NEW)!, click on the thumb photo to reveal the high resolution photos.

June 22, 2013

Below are new Dana Point Harbor Revitalization digital renderings, simulated photographs showing different views in and around our harbor. At least some are based on photographs of the story poles put up for a week during February, 2013.
Click on each of the images below for a somewhat larger size digital view.

We apologize in advance for the poor image quality. Unfortunately, these images were what we were able to laboriously capture from the OC DPH website over the weekend, after OC DPH did not provide the high-quality images in PDF form promised as recently as Friday morning, June 21st.

When there are better renderings made available to boaters we will update our website.

Festival Plaza View (NEW)!



Bird's Eye View of the Festival Plaza (NEW)!



Marina View (NEW)!



Water Wharf View Parking Lot



Turnaround View (NEW)!



Turnaround and Parking



View From Golden Lantern @ Eastern Lantern



View From Heritage Park



View from Dana Point Harbor Drive at Casitas Place



More photos hopefully coming soon!