Dana Point Boaters Association


Announcing: Dana Point Harbor “My Home Port” Campaign


Dana Point Harbor is a unique and precious jewel of the Southern California coast.  Man-made out of a natural cove, surrounded by towering sandstone cliffs, we are the home port to about 3000 boats and their proud skippers.  The desire to call Dana Point Harbor home is so great it can take 10 years or longer to obtain a boat slip here.  Displaying “Dana Point” on our transom is a badge of pride, and often elicits envious conversations when we travel to other ports near and far. 

Your Dana Point Boaters Association would like to offer our community additional ways to declare our home port and the pride we all share in Dana Point Harbor.  Today we announce our Dana Point Harbor “My Home Port” campaign.  For a limited time, we are offering burgees, hats and bumper stickers that display our pride in calling Dana Point Harbor home.

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To participate in the My Home Port Campaign
Please Donate


Yes, this is a fundraising campaign.  Dana Point Boaters Association is a non-profit boater advocacy organization that is 100% funded by your donations.  Our volunteer leaders receive zero compensation for what we do, other than the satisfaction of the achievements made on behalf of our boaters.  Every dollar we receive is directed to protecting and advancing the Dana Point Harbor boating community.  What we do doesn’t cost much, but it isn’t free.  Our community has proven dedicated and supportive over the years; now we offer a gift in return for your generosity.

All donations of $10 or more will receive a bumper sticker.  Donations of $50 will receive a choice of a hat or burgee, plus a bumper sticker.  Donations of $100 will receive a hat, burgee and two bumper stickers.  Donations placed by Thursday, December 21, can pick up their hats and stickers in the harbor in time for Christmas; burgees will be available after the holiday.  This campaign will continue while supplies last.

Your DPBA Board of Directors would like to thank you for donating, as well as your continuied interest and support!