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Sent:                               Sunday, December 08, 2013 11:42 AM

Subject:                          BP  This Weekend


Ahoy BP Participants!


Well, we all made it through the first weekend!  That is cause for a song or two…I appreciated everyone holding tight last night until we got the clearance to go.  It was a bit windy but we were able to provide lots of fun and holiday enjoyment to all those landlubbers that braved the cold and wind to appreciate all that you do!


Some housekeeping notes for next week:


1.  Line Up:  Please continue to do such an awesome job in lining up and starting the parade procession. Patience and keeping it slow…it is okay if there is a bit of a lag in between boats, allows the judges to get the next boat number and jot down their points.


2.  Numbers:  We really had a difficult time spotting numbers last night.  Since we were on the Catamaran, you were all a little farther away than normal and also the wind was whipping up the unsecured sides of the numbers.  Again, some of you have lights over the number and we cannot see the number clearly.  Please check your numbers, secure all four sides and make sure it is easily seen at night. Is this your boat, no boat number (please click here)?, if so please contact Kim Tilly!


3.  Music:  Some of you have really loud music, which is great, except for once you pass the judging boat, it would be great if you can turn it down a bit so we can hear the boat behind you.  A lot of boats are a capella it and we want to be able to fully appreciate their voices.


4.  Judging Boat:  We will be in a different location this coming weekend, not sure where yet, so stay tuned.


5.  Trophy Presentation Breakfast:  Sunday, December 15, 9:30am at Harpoon Henry's.  Please limit to crucial crew and let me know if you plan on attending so that I can have a good food count.


Thanks again for your fantastic creativity and enthusiasm and providing such a wonderful event for our community!  Kim


Kim Tilly
Dana Point Harbor Association
Executive Director
Cell (949) 357-3800
Info Line (949) 923-2255